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Dear Sirs!

Our ambition is to present high technological advancement, necessary for wood joinery production, such as doors, windows, gates, roller blinds, shutters and mosquito nets. We want to persuade you that a choice of proper products can contribute to your life improvement and our innovative solutions may help save your money. We want to make wood joinery an aware, simpler and more understandable choice creating new standards of services and honestly offering products that increase the value of an investment.

The Mazurian Windows Cluster originated in 2007, within a project entitled "Stimulation of Economic Innovation of the Warmia and Mazury District through Cluster Development Support - pilot activities" ( and is an element of implementation of the Regional Strategy of Innovation (RSI) for the Warmia and Mazury District.

Our website aims at enabling a fast and easy contact as well as information exchange among companies cooperating in The Mazurian Windows Cluster.